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When you need better water a plumber is not who you need to call.

Water is our business and has been since 1978. Owned and operated by the Phares Family, our company designs, installs and maintains water conditioning equipment to provide a great quality water and great service to Commercial and Residential Customers.

The end product that Phares H2O delivers makes getting the best quality water easier, less expensive and improves the quality of your life. Our systems work in any application from enhancing industrial and commercial processes to just providing plain, good tasting drinking water in your home.

We can service all makes and models of water equipment and we offer a range of new equipment to serve your needs. Our service area encompasses Clark, Champaign, Allen, Darke, Preble, Greene, Shelby, Miami, Franklin, Fayette, Marion, Union, Montgomery Counties in Ohio and all surrounding areas.

Our pneumatic
 bulk salt delivery system is a product that anyone who is tired of carrying bags of salt would want to have installed. No home entry required!!


Clearly a time and money saver, set up your appointment for a free quote today.

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We service all makes & models of water softener systems.


Need clean drinking water? Call us today 1-866-222-SALT

Our products are Eco Friendly


Call Phares H2O today...Have high quality water tommorrow.


Benefits of a water softener system:

*Extended appliance life.

*Cleaner plumbing system.

*You feel cleaner after bathing.

*Bathrooms stay cleaner longer.

*Cleaner laundry.

*Spotless dishes.

*Quality drinking water.


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