Phares H2O is located in South Vienna, Ohio at 10865 Shorey Road. We have been family owned and operated since 1978.  Our company was originally started by Roger S. Phares as Hague of Clark County. Founded on morals and values along with great customer service, Roger made all of his customers feel like part of the family and many of his customers are still customers today. 

In 1980, Roger's son Bart became his partner, changing the name to Phares Pumps & Rentals, Inc. 

In 2000, we added the pneumatic salt delivery system to our company.

In March 2009, we all lost our beloved family member, Roger and now the company is owned and operated by Bart Phares. 
In 2012, we changed the name of the company to Phares H2O because we believe it describes what we do best...Water.


From the well to the tap, we can and will make your water right for you.  Still operating on the morals and values passed down from Roger, we believe our customers come first and we do all that we can to keep our customers satisfied. If it isn't right the first time, we will make it right. 


Why call someone that goes by an account number when you can call Phares H2O and we know you by name.

Need clean drinking water? Call us today 1-866-222-SALT

Our products are Eco Friendly


Call Phares H2O today...Have high quality water tommorrow.


Benefits of a water softener system:

*Extended appliance life.

*Cleaner plumbing system.

*You feel cleaner after bathing.

*Bathrooms stay cleaner longer.

*Cleaner laundry.

*Spotless dishes.

*Quality drinking water.


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