Phares H2O can provide your family with the cleanest and freshest water using our filtering systems. If you are tired of stained laundry or water spots all over the dishes & glasses and poor tasting water, please know there is a solution.


If you would like information or a FREE consultation, please call us at

1-866-222-SALT (7258) for detailed information. 


Above, Microline Reverse Osmosis System.


Below, Model WS1 Residential Water Conditioner.

Your Family Deserves Great Water!!!

Need clean drinking water? Call us today 1-866-222-SALT

Our products are Eco Friendly


Call Phares H2O today...Have high quality water tommorrow.


Benefits of a water softener system:

*Extended appliance life.

*Cleaner plumbing system.

*You feel cleaner after bathing.

*Bathrooms stay cleaner longer.

*Cleaner laundry.

*Spotless dishes.

*Quality drinking water.


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