Pneumatic Salt Delivery System        

Never carry a bag of salt again!

Our salt delivery system works like this:
We install 2" PVC pipe from the top of your brine tank to the outside of your home or building. On top of the brine tank is a perforated funnel that controls air flow for the salt to be blown into the brine tank pneumatically. 

Call 1-866-222-SALT today to set up an appointment for a free quote about pneumatic salt delivery.


On top of the funnel and around the top of the brine tank is a filter bag made of heavy canvas that will keep any salt dust from getting into your home or business. Our truck pulls up to the building then pulls off the amount of hose needed to blow the salt in then fills the brine tank. 


No home entry required!

Want to know how a water softener works? Click here to learn more.

One of three pneumatic salt delivery trucks we own makes getting salt to your system something YOU no longer have to do. 

Need clean drinking water? Call us today 1-866-222-SALT

Our products are Eco Friendly


Call Phares H2O today...Have high quality water tommorrow.


Benefits of a water softener system:

*Extended appliance life.

*Cleaner plumbing system.

*You feel cleaner after bathing.

*Bathrooms stay cleaner longer.

*Cleaner laundry.

*Spotless dishes.

*Quality drinking water.


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